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Rely on a Professional Property Appraiser in Kenosha, WI

With Cape Appraisal Service, every valuation we provide is a step towards clarity and trust in Kenosha, WI.

Navigating the property appraisal process can be fraught with stress and confusion. As your property appraiser in Kenosha, WI, I understand the challenges you face when seeking accurate valuations. My commitment is to alleviate these pressures by providing specialized appraisal services that cater to your unique needs. I bring almost five decades of experience to ensure that your valuations are precise, understandable, and reliable. By choosing to work with me, you’re opting for a solution that simplifies the appraisal process and delivers satisfaction through accurate results. Let’s tackle your appraisal challenges together, providing you with the clarity and confidence you deserve.

Experience Precision in Valuation Services

Understanding property values should be straightforward. I make this possible by demystifying the appraisal process for you. My approach combines nearly five decades of expertise with a dedication to clarity and accuracy. Whether you’re dealing with a date of death appraisal, divorce, bankruptcy, or just need to know your home’s value, I’m here to provide the insights you need.

I offer a range of services to meet your valuation needs:


When it comes to property appraisals in Kenosha, WI, Cape Appraisal Service stands ready to serve you. My experience as a property appraiser ensures that your appraisal needs are met with the highest standards. I don’t just offer appraisals; I provide a pathway to understanding and trust. With me, you’re guaranteed reliable valuations that reflect the true worth of your property. Reach out to me, and let’s start this journey towards accurate and comprehensible property valuations together.

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